2-Factor,2-Step Windows Sign-in with USB key for
Windows Vista/7/8/10, 2008/2012 Server

MxLogon2 is a 2-factor, 2-step Windows sign-in solution using security USB key. To sign in via MxLogon2, you must have a valid USB key and to have it authenticated before you reach username/password entry screen.

No key connected

Plugging in a valid key will unlock the screen and allows you enter PIN. Each key has 4 authentication slots. Each slot can have its own PIN. Select a slot in the combo-box and enter the correct PIN for the slot. Entering the correct PIN will verify that you are the authorized user of the key's slot.

After a successful key authentication, MxLogon2 switches to the username/password authentication screen. You enter username and password as you would in Windows’ standard login screen


Those of you who daily feel entering their username cumbersome may find this program just adding more drudgery for the security's sake. Do not worry; it can be confirued in various ways for the convenience's sake.

  1. PIN Bypass; you do not have to enter PIN to reach the second screen.
  2. Username Auto-fill; MxLogon2 will auto-fill the username field in the second screen.
  3. Username/Password Auto-fill; You do not have to enter username or password. MxLogon2 will auto-log you in.

If you set both PIN bypass and username/password auto-fill for the slot1, connectiong the key will automatically log you in.

Username auto-fill is not just for convenience. MxLogon2 will not permit any other users than the one auto-fill to log in.


  • Windows 10( 32bit / 64bit )
  • Windows 8 / 8.1( 32bit / 64bit )
  • Windows 7 ( 32bit / 64bit )
  • Windows Vista( 32bit / 64bit )