Issue License ( ver2.0.1 or later )

To get a license, you must have an account and purchase licenses. You can create a test account with 3 client licenses ( valid for 15 days ) and 1 server license ( valid for 30 days ) pre-assigned for the evaluation purpose.

When you already have an account but get the authentication error, please try this page. Contact us if you want to move your account to this new license system.

Account Name

Issue revocable licenses. No effect when updating a license
For v2.0.0.1 license, be sure to uncheck the box

License ID

*(Optional)License ID to revoke or update

Hardware ID
  • To display the number of issued and purchased license, enter Account name and password only and click on [Issue License]
  • When you specify a license ID, the license type(client/server) and revocable attribute must be the same as those of the specified license