2-Factor authentication for Windows sign-in, compatible with Google and Microsoft authenticator apps, provides a seamless Windows login experience for users familiar with Web 2-Factor authentication.

All in one package

It comes with the credential providers and the utilities, both 32/64 bit included.
No external dependency.

Simple & quick installation

Just takes a few second. Requires administrative privileges.

Client and Server packages

Client version supports Windows 7/8/10
Server version Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019.

QR Code Generator

Authenticator app setup with the built-in QRCode generator. Secret keys never go outside PC.

Remote Desktop Supported

A cloud sever will ask for one-time code entry. Specific user or IP may be exempted from the code entry. Identifying a specific computer with IPv6 for code entry exemption is possible

Setting Sharing/Syncing

In Domain environment, GAuthLogon setting may be shared using Roaming Profile/Folder Redirection.

In any environment, when computers are connected to Internet, setting may be shared using a cloud storage.

Refer to this manual

Two-Factor authentication enforcement

By filtering the other login providers, GAuthLogon can be the only login provider in the login screen. It wraps the standard built-in Password Provider and just behaves like it. Safe Mode may be secured by one-time code

Stand-alone use possible

Network connection is not requisites.


Client license for 3 years and server license for 1 one. The dedicated license management site provides your own license account

Windows 10 / Azure AD

Support Azure AD account login. Disable PIN sign-in in the login screen.

Choose your license or get started with free trial

Create your license account and buy necessary number of licenses. Or create a test account and get 3 free client licenses, valid for 15 days and 1 free server license, good for 30 days.

Download Page

Client Non-Revocable License

$ 55 / 10 years
  • Revocable option - $55 / 3 years
  • Support Windows Vista/7/8/10, 32/64bit
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Server Non-Revocable License

Ask for quote
  • Revocable license option
  • Support Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019
  • max. 30 users


Most common questions, answered here

If user lose their Google Authenticator code (or lost their phone), how can we do the code reset?

After generating QR codes, you save the key. At this time, you can also save the recovery code which is any arbitrary string of at least 16 characters. Enter this recovery code in place of Authenticator's 6 digits code. Logging in to your account with the recovery code will erase your Authenticator setting and you can reset your key using AddToken utility.

If the machine have only single admin, and admin lose the code, is there any way we can recover the access?

The same as A1. Be sure to set the recovery code.

When the license expired, will it affect the functionality? E.g. user doesn't get prompt for 2FA?

Yes, it does affect the functionality. GAuthLogon will run as a demo version and does not prompt for 2FA. 5 days befor the expiry, it begins to display the remaing license days in the login screen.

Does your application able to integrate with Active Directory? I can't seem to find info.

Yes, the setting is saved to AppData(Roaming) folder. It may be roamed by Roaming profile or Folder Redirection. Please refer to this manual for details.

Tell me about the different between revocable and non-revocable license

Till ver. 2.1, the license has been non-revocable. Once a license is issued to a hardware ID, it remains valid for the life of the PC. Since you cannot revoke the issued license, you cannot move the license to another PC. The non-revocable license does not require network connection. The license is locally authenticated. The revocable license requires Internet connection. GAuthLogon periodically connects to our license server to verify the license status. You can revoke one at any time and transfer the remaining license days to another license tied to another PC. You can extend a license at any time; the remaining license days will be carried over to the new license.

The program does not show no code authentication screen after installing the new version.

The latest version can read a license file in a new format. An unsuccessfuly license authentication puts GAuthLogon in the demo mode. Since the demo mode does not accept the keys generated by the licensed version, it does not attemp the code authentication and does not show the the code screen. Contact us for your license file in the latest format.

Download GAuthLogon Now

The programs run in the demo mode with no license file installed. Please refer to the manual for the details. The dedicated DOWNLOAD PAGE also available.

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