Windows Login By Android Device Authentication via Bluetooth

About BthLogon

BthLogon is a credential provider that signs you in to Windows by authenticating your Android devices. Select BthLogon in the login screen and you find the screen locked and waiting for a valid device to connect. On your Android device, enter PIN in BthLogon app and tap on [Login] button. This will initiate the wireless device authentication. Once your device is authenticated, the screen will switches to the username/password authentication.

If your Android app is configured to hold your Windows credential, you will be automatically signed in once the screen is unlocked. You do not have to know your username / password or type anything on the keyboard without compromising security; your account can be protected by too a complex password for you to remember.

BthLogon Security

Since Bluetooth communication is wireless whose signal could reach any nearby devices, it must be secured the same way as Internet. This is especially so with BthLogon which could wirelessly transfer user credentials. BthLogon draws upon the industry standard security measures for data protection.

BthLogon and an Android device must have their public keys signed by each other's private keys. They authenticate each other by verifying the signatures before data exchange. Their commucation is secured by sharing a key by DH protocol. Each Android device must be configured by BthLogon system

key pair key pair
public key
signed by the private key
receives the signature
signed by the private key
public key
receives signature

Remote Desktop Support

You can sign in to a remote computer with BthLogon installed using an Android device at the client side. The remote desktop plugin communicates with the device via Bluetooth and relays the packets to and from the remote server.

You can install BthLogon on a cloud Windows machine. In order to sign in to the machine, you must have a configured Android device at the client side. Only those with such valid devices can access the remote computer.

YOu can also install BthLogon on a Hyper-V virtual machine. BthLogon is disabled when you try to sign in to the machine using the Hyper-V console. Hyper-V virtual machines do not support Bluetooth. When BthLogon does not find Bluetooth hardware, it disables itself. But it is enabled when you connect to the machine using the remote desktop client. In the remote mode, the computer at the client side communicates with Android devices via Bluetooth and the remote computer exchanges data with the client. No Bluetooth hardware is required on the remote desktop server side.

RDT Server RDT Client Bluetooth Android Device

Supported OS

Android OS 5.0 or later
Windows OS Windows 8/10(32/64bit)

PC without Bluetooth embedded must have a Bluetooth adapter installed and it must work with Microsoft supplied Bluetooth driver. Will not work with BlueSoleil


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